The Richmond Register

February 1, 2014

Chief: Those helping traffickers will be prosecuted

By Sarah Hogsed
Register News Writer

RICHMOND — Richmond’s police chief is warning local residents that if they assist drug dealers, especially those from out of town, they will be prosecuted.

“We will be aggressive in pursuing charges against local residents who provide assistance to out-of-state drug dealers, especially those coming from Detroit who are flooding our community with heroin and other drugs,” Chief Larry Brock said. “Local residents often rent motel rooms and vehicles and provide bases of operation for these traffickers. Those who render such assistance in the future will suffer the consequences in every case possible.”

The warning came after the RPD released the report of a 22-year-old Richmond woman who was arrested and charged Thursday with criminal facilitation to trafficking in controlled substances and trafficking in marijuana.

A warrant was issued Wednesday for the arrest of Melissa D. Wolke, of Bold Forbes Drive, in connection with a drug trafficking operation out of a local hotel, the report stated.

On Jan. 9, officers were sent to Care Free Suites on Colby Taylor Drive to investigate a report of possible drug use in one of the guest rooms.

The officers reported encountering Deonte M. Long, 19, of Detroit, in the room which smelled of marijuana.

The officers searched the room and found 14.4 grams of heroin, 386 oxycodone pills, 15 bags of marijuana weighing a total of 38 grams, a set of digital scales and drug packaging and use materials, according to the report.

Long also had $1,802 cash in his possession, the officers reported.

He was charged with two counts of first-degree trafficking in controlled substances and trafficking in marijuana.

While the officers were in the room, Wolke showed up and attempted to leave before being detained, the police report stated. The officers allege that Wolke had rented the room for Long and other men associated with him and had provided assistance to the them in the past.

She was arrested Thursday at her residence on the facilitation charges and taken to the Madison County Detention Center.