The Richmond Register

December 18, 2012

With four months to go, EKU advertising for next president


By Bill Robinson
Register Editor


With final exams completed Friday and nearly 1,325 degrees awarded Saturday, the Eastern Kentucky University campus was largely deserted Monday. In contrast to the prevailing calm, however, the panel tasked with finding the university’s next president was intently focused on its work.

The 12-person committee gave the final draft of the advertisement that will be posted in higher education publications on the Internet and sent to potential candidates identified by members of the panel as well as Academic Search, the firm contracted to help with the effort.

The profile that will appear on EKU’s presidential search website to give potential candidates a preliminary view of the university also was given a final look.

After some fine-turning and two or three changes in wording, both the ad and the profile were given consensus approval.

They could appear on the website as early as today, said Dr. James Appleberry of  Academic Search. He and Dr. Carrie Besnette Hauser are assigned by the firm to assist with the EKU effort.

Appleberry reminded the panel that the goal for candidate recommendations is only four months away.

He also emphasized the importance of keeping the names of potential candidates confidential. While the search is generally an open process, the names of candidates must be kept private until a group of finalists is selected for campus visits, Appleberry said.

Committee members were advised to not even write the names of early candidates in their personal notes because those could be seen by others. Each candidate nominated will be assigned a number. If committee members forget the name associated with a number, they can learn that identity by logging into the secure website set aside for the purpose, Appleberry said.

The deadline for nominees to receive full consideration by the search panel is Feb. 14. Candidates nominated later can still be considered but may not be given as much attention as those nominated by the deadline, he said.

While search committee members may represent a particular segment of the EKU community, such as faculty, students, alumni or the Richmond community at large, they should remember that they represent the university’s future above all else, Appleberry said. If they put the interest of a particular group ahead of the university’s future, then both that group and the university’s future will be ill-served, he said.

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