The Richmond Register

July 16, 2013

'Totally Slimed'

Things get messy during the St. Mark Catholic School summer camp

By Crystal Wylie
Register News Writer

RICHMOND — They wallowed in shaving cream, vanilla pudding, karo syrup, oatmeal soup, marshmallow crème and even some homemade slime called “oobleck,” the fictional solid/liquid substance mentioned in Dr. Seuss’ book “Batholomew and the Oobleck.”

Camp director Holly Stone said the St. Mark Catholic School “Totally Slimed” summer camp was a “parents’ worst nightmare and our campers’ dream come true.”

Thankfully, after all 24 campers made it through the slimy challenge course Tuesday, they de-gooed with a clean water splash on the Slip ’n Slide and an all-out water battle.

With sunny weather in the mid-90s today, campers welcomed a cool down after a challenge course that included crawling under and jumping over pool noodles, “Army crawls” under tables and through pudding and slipping down a soap-covered slide while being splashed with oatmeal soup and silly string.

“Totally Slimed” camp coordinator Bryn Gannon has other slimy activities in store for the campers this week. Campers will play Twister in paint, make an Oreo dirt cake with gummy worms, create “human-swallowing” bubbles, visit the pool and even create some edible slime.

Although the “Totally Slimed” camp is full this week, the last in the series of Live, Grow, Learn summer camps “Kid’s Kitchen KrEATions” is scheduled July 29-Aug. 2.

Campers will learn about cooking measurements, table etiquette, basic baking, kid-approved appetizers and homemade candy. Kids also will have the chance to create their own cookbook and tour Chick-fil-A.

Kids will create homemade versions of common food favorites like Pop Tarts, Goldfish crackers, Butterfinger candy bars and orange julius.

The camp will wrap up with a cooking session featuring Lexington radio personalities Chef Jeremy Ashby and Sylvia Lovely from “Sunny Side Up Radio Live.”

Tuition is $175 week (full-day), $100 week (half-day), or $35 per individual days. For details, visit or call 623-2989.

Crystal Wylie can be reached at or 623-1669, Ext. 6696.