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June 11, 2013

Memories of Tillie, the ‘Indian Fort Dog’



Megan Ward - “This brings tears to my eyes as I come home to read this. Tillie, I had a feeling that told me to stop at Indian Fort theatre to look for you tonight just to say hello. Glad to her that you are resting and hope to see you soon lady.”

Martha Riley - “So sorry, Tillie and family. We've always enjoyed your joyful spirit and love for hiking. We always look for you when we go to the Fort and will miss you.”

Sarah Blue Maupin - “In the past few weeks I have been blessed to gain a bond with Tillie at the clinic. It's unlike the friendship I've known with her for years on my hikes, but I'm happy to say that she's the same, sweet, tail wagging soul when she's sick at the Dr's office. She is one of a kind and a kindred spirit that we all know and love. I plan to make a special trip to her neck of the woods soon.”

Jackie Barclay - “Tillie was right by my son's side as he was getting ready to take an ugly fall on a hike and kept him from doing so. She is what kept us from turning around and leaving. i will never forget her for that. much love tilly!”

Slabtown Moore - “Tillie, we have hiked the Pinnacles many times together. You are an intrinsic part of Indian Fort and your loving, loyal soul will always be the keeper of its gate.”

Larry Bolaski - “Every time i go to Kentucky and go on a hike i will always think of you. I knew the minute that we got out of the car that you would leave an everlasting memory in our hearts, the next time i come to KY in the fall, I will come and see you, God willing you will still be here to greet us. It was my pleasure to have gone on a hike with you.”

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