The Richmond Register

July 12, 2013

32nd annual Berea Craft Festival

By Crystal Wylie
Register News Writer

BEREA — The uniquely Berea adage “when there’s a craft’s festival, it’s gonna rain” was debunked Friday when only blue skies and fluffy white clouds could be seen overhead at the 32nd annual Berea Craft Festival at Indian Fort Theater.

Of course, that could change. Forecasts for today and Sunday include a slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms.

Although overflow parking across the street had not been used as of noon Friday, the festival was bustling with visitors and locals who make it a point to come to this festival every year.

Cindy Stewart and her daughter Maire Birdwell, 9, travel from Lexington to attend the festival and have done so for the past nine years (minus one year).

Alice Jones from Indiana brought her daughters Precious, 10, Melodia, 8, Celeste, 6, Elisa, 3, and Primrose, 8 months, just to visit Berea. She was happy they chose to visit the weekend of the craft festival, she said.

Clifton Scully, 7, and his mom, Lisa, hung out and ate grilled veggies with their church buddy Jerry Workman, who was stirring hand-spun wool in a large kettle full of natural dyes. Jerry and Clifton even took a moment to dance a little jig to the bluegrass music that could be heard around the bend.

The Berea Festival Dancers gathered near the entrance of the old theater and performed a few dances to the tunes of local musicians Al and Alice White. Anna Taylor delighted the audience with a “jump rope clog.”

Scott Powell, who oversees the kid’s craft table every year, said he could tell when craft vendors were having a lucrative day. He hadn’t spotted many of them taking breaks in the smoking area on the steps of the theater, he joked.

The festival continues today, 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., and Sunday, 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.