The Richmond Register

November 8, 2013

Sunset Ave. homeowner approves driveway plans

Requests drain removal as condition

By Seth Littrell
Register News Writer

RICHMOND — Sunset Avenue resident Jennifer Maupin on Tuesday approved plans designed to solve surface-water issues she said began after a city project intended to fix such problems in her neighborhood was completed.

Richmond City Manager Jimmy Howard, along with other city officials and Jonathan Nieman of CDP Engineering, presented the plan Oct. 29 to Maupin. It is designed to stop storm water from flowing down her driveway from the street and into her basement. At the end of that meeting, Maupin requested time to have a family member review the plan, and Howard allowed her to take a week before any work was done.

“I had someone look at (the plan), and they said it looked pretty simple to them,” Maupin said. “I sent Jimmy Howard a message Tuesday saying it was alright to start.”

According to Nieman’s plan, the apron of Maupin’s driveway, made of pervious concrete, will be torn up. A standard concrete apron will replace it. A trench 24 feet long and one foot wide will be placed at the end to catch flowing water.

A second, smaller trench drain was planned to go where the apron meets the driveway to act as a backup if the first drain fails. However, according to a text message Howard said Maupin sent him, the homeowner asked that the second drainage trench be removed from the plan. He said CDP has been notified of the change, and it will redraw the plans accordingly.

Once the plan is revised, the next step will be to find a contractor to do the work, Howard said.

“I want the company who did the project (Lagco) to be in charge, because they’ve got some responsibility in this too,” Howard said.

At a previous meeting, Howard had introduced three city employees to Maupin who he said could do the work if it falls to the city.

Because the plan needs revision and a contractor needs to be found, Howard said he could not give a precise date of when the work would begin. But he promised it would be soon.

“We will do this ASAP, but exactly when that is I cannot say right now,” Howard said.

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