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March 27, 2014

Smith: This was ‛crime of hate’

Romines says government ‛targeted’ Marcum



Smith also said the KSP, and in particular Detective Brian Reeder, had been unfairly mischaracterized by the defense. The prosecution knew of the fake IDs, Smith said, but she did not include the subject in her opening statement because she thought hearsay rules would lead to its exclusion. She pointed out that Judge William Clouse had to rule after the trial began on whether discussing the IDs would be admissible.

Smith told the jury she did not call Nichols as a witness because she did not believe Nichols would be competent enough to testify.

Finally, Smith said the defense’s case was “smoke and mirrors.”

Many testimonies, including Marcum’s statement to police, placed her at the crime scene, Smith said. The testimony was backed up by physical evidence, she added. Phone records show that Marcum and Singleton were constantly communicating before, during and after the day of the murder. Marcum visited Singleton in jail where she passed him notes, thinking they could communicate unobserved. And Marcum had even talked about seducing Reeder in hopes of hindering the investigation, Smith said.

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