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March 27, 2014

Smith: This was ‛crime of hate’

Romines says government ‛targeted’ Marcum

RICHMOND — A “crime of hate” was how Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Jennifer Smith, in her closing argument Thursday, described the murder of Angela Frazier Singleton.

The jury in the murder trial went into deliberation after more than three hours of statements from Smith and Defense Attorney Steve Romines.

Romines, who addressed the jury first, said a narrow-minded investigation by the Kentucky State Police had targeted Marcum from the beginning as the responsible party in the murder.

“They don’t care about the truth,” Romines said of both the police and the prosecution.

The prosecution “picked fly specks” of evidence it claims as proof of Marcum’s guilt and did not give jurors the full story, he said

“Proof beyond a reasonable doubt you can’t avoid,” Romines said. “It hits you right in the face. That’s something that hasn’t happened here.”

It’s failure to mention the fake IDs that many witnesses said Singleton and his brother were making proved the prosecution wasn’t telling the whole story, Romines said. Jurors would never have heard of the IDs had the defense not brought them up, he said.

Romines also claimed prosecutors “were hiding something” by not summoning Betty Nichols, who testified before the jury Wednesday as the defense’s sole witness.

“They didn’t subpoena a witness who lived at the house” where the murder took place, Romines said.

Romines brought up highlights from transcripts and video clips presented during the seven-day trial. “The tables had turned” over the past week, he said, and by the trial’s end, the prosecution was struggling to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the defense’s theory was wrong, he said.

“You see what you want to see when you think someone is guilty,” Romines said.

When Smith rose to present her argument, she began by apologizing to Frazier Singleton’s family, some of whom were present for the entire trial, for the subject matter addressed and allegations the defense made against the victim. She said Frazier Singleton “deserved better” than what she received in the trial.

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