The Richmond Register

December 19, 2013

AcoUstiKats serenade MCHS audience

Register Staff Report

MADISON COUNTY — The AcoUstiKats, an a cappella group from the University of Kentucky, sacrificed valuable time Tuesday night during what was, for many of them, finals week to give a live performance during Madison Central High School’s Christmas Concert.

According to MCHS Choral Director Lisa Jury, she had asked AcoUstiKat and Assistant Choral Director Mike Owens if the group could take part in the concert. Owens initially said the group couldn’t make it because many members had final exams, Jury said.

However, early in the week, Owens and some of his fellow group members were watching NBC’s The Sing Off, which they competed in, and decided they had never thanked Jury and Madison Central for letting Mike leave the school for part of the previous year to film the show.

A majority of the AcoUstiKats decided to make a last-minute trip to Richmond as a show of appreciation.

Jury said the group was sneaked into the back of the theater where they watched the first half of the performance before taking the stage themselves. They also stayed more than an hour after the show had concluded to take photos with the students and families there.