The Richmond Register

May 25, 2013

White Hall teachers say farewell for the summer

By Crystal Wylie
Register News Writer

RICHMOND — White Hall Elementary kindergarten assistant Patti Von Fischer said she found a poem on the Internet that seemed to fit the last day of school perfectly.

“The teachers jumped out of the windows; the principals ran for the door; the nurse and librarian bolted; they’re not coming back anymore,” Von Fischer read over the loudspeaker Friday before students left for the summer.

Excited laughter rang through the hallways as the school’s 700-plus students prepared to leave. 

Von Fischer finished with one last stanza: “We’d never seen anything like it; but, still, it was pretty darn cool; to see all the staff excited; to leave on the last day of school.”

After goodbye hugs and kisses, however, the last thing White Hall students saw before they left that day was all of their teachers standing outside of the school waving and singing the chorus of “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.”