The Richmond Register

November 22, 2012

Waiting for the Christmas lights in Paint Lick

Paint Lick News

By Katie Rollins
Register Columnist

PAINT LICK — Hello readers.

It is a chilly, yet cloudy Monday morning, this Nov. 19, and as I look out into the street here above, friends, I see the most incredible little tree that sits alone, just waiting for the lighting of Christmas in Paint Lick Ky.

 The small spruce was planted by two gardeners from Baldwin Farms, friends of Hal and Yvonne Davis.

It  sits on the corner of the Community Arts Center in hopes that everyone will turn out the evening of Nov. 30, as the lighting takes place.

I hope everyone can find time to be with us.

The arts center is the place to be in the coming month of December. You can call 925-2741 for information.

You just can’t help but notice both windows at Copperhead Consulting Env. I did on Friday night. Vickie has done a wonderful job with the trees.   

First, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. I pray your holiday will be filled to the measure of His respect.

We had a great Thanksgiving meal on Sunday at Paint Lick Christian Church. It sure was nice to see so many people and they brought a bounty of food!

Especially nice to see those who seldom get to be with us.

Thanks to so many for all the nice fixings would not be saying enough, but I hope they will join us when they can on any Sunday morning. Everyone is welcome.  

I see Charlie Gruen has an extra nice Chevy Impala sitting out for sale.

I know, for certain, that Charlie is a good mechanic and I believe this car would make someone’s wish for Christmas a happy one. Call Charlie, 925-2206.

This Friday is, I hope, a happy birthday for Devon on Gillespie Pike.

Then, on Sunday, and in the coming week, two beautiful ladies, Shirley Hawley and Bonnie Lamb, will share a birthdate.    

Happy birthday to Ashley Ramsey, grand daughter of Druscilla Davidson, on Nov. 30.  

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may God bless.