The Richmond Register

January 24, 2013

Little Sack Grocery closes its doors

Northside News

By Rose Miller
Register Columnist

RICHMOND — I am very sorry to inform the northern part of our county that “Little Sack Grocery” has closed its doors.

I surely hope this is a temporary closing, however, I fear the small, but ever-so-friendly neighborhood grocery store may have been a casualty of today’s economic swing of the hammer.

I know many of the community have their own fond stories about the little grocery that could make great pizza, have everything needed for a complete meal, and always offer a friendly hello and a cheery goodbye.

One story I relish about Little Sack Grocery involved my son, a former youth minister in the area, and a five-foot, brown snake.

My son was out with his youth minister, who has long-since moved from this area, larking about town, when they decided to stop in Little Sack Grocery for a Coke.

There it was. The long, fat garden snake on the floor, and a prior owner standing up in a chair – off the floor!

My son and the youth minister transferred the snake to a weed patch out back and the happy owner rewarded them richly with Cokes and snack cakes – on the house.

Well, the storefront is still in place. Perhaps, someone just may want to reopen the neighborhood grocery store.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

It certainly is great to hear that H. Brent Barton, Madison Central band instructor, is mending after his recent surgery.

Mr. Barton, your students at Central certainly miss you and anxiously await your return.  May God bless your health to continue to improve. Get well soon!

Mount Pleasant Christian Church, under the leadership of Pastor Shannon Franklin, had a wonderful sermon this past Sunday.

The church would like to invite folks in the community to worship with them. Sunday school is at 10 a.m., church service is at 11 a.m., with Communion served on a weekly basis.

Mount Pleasant Christian Church has been called the church where people laugh and are friendly.

I can attest to the fact you will hear Biblical truths each Sunday.

So, why not pack up your troubles and take them to church, where you can leave them at the foot of the cross.

Remember, January is “Blood Donation Month.” Call 1-800-775-2522 to see where you can donate in your area.

If you’ve ever needed a blood transfusion, you know how important it is to have a good supply of blood available in our Kentucky hospitals.

Birthday wishes go out to Matt Carpenter, Jan 24; Shellie McChesney, Jan. 25; Johnny Jones, Jan. 29; and Pastor Shannon Franklin, Jan. 30.

May God bless each of you with a special day of celebration with family and friends.

Gary and Gay Summer celebrated their 25th year of marriage on Jan. 23.

Gary has promised to take his bride out to dinner and a movie.

We wish you a very happy anniversary and many more years of happiness.

The old adage for the week is the following: “An ounce of example is worth a pound of preachment.”

E-mail me at or call me at 527-0411 with church and community events, announcements, birthdays and anniversaries.    

Until next week, may God bless you and yours.