The Richmond Register

January 10, 2013

Warm weather brings thoughts of spring

Kirksville News

By Donna Moberly
Register Columnist

KIRKSVILLE — Hello everyone. It seems, even though it is winter time, with warmer weather thoughts of spring start popping into your head.

But who could keep from thinking about spring, when the tulips don’t know the difference. They are trying to pop up out of my flower bed.

I don’t even have all of my Christmas decorations down yet.

I still have not been able to wear my winter coats this year. You notice I said coats?

Yes, Duane says I have a coat fetish.

Between the warm weather and my hot flashes, it is short-sleeve time. I may put the coat on, but off it comes.

It worries me in thinking that all the trees will be getting confused as well. I really enjoy my apple trees. I don’t want anything to happen to the trees in producing my apples.

You see what I mean, thinking of spring.

The churches have not had to work to clean off their parking lots so far this year.

I know the winter season is just starting. It is a great help for the farmers. The ground may be soft to travel on, but it beats the softness of the mushy snow ground. I know the cattle love it.

Winter time always brings about worry for the farmers. Calving in the freezing cold sometimes give a strong chance of losing a calf.

Hey, so far, so good. We will see what the forecast bring us next.