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October 18, 2013

Our readers tell us about their pastors



Ellen Hutcheson McMahan 
My pastor is Bro. David Frymyer. Our church is Light House Pentecostal Church in Berea. I am thankful for our pastor because I know he preaches the truth to us. He prays for us and is always there for us.        
  Cheri Catherine Coleman 
My pastor is Phillip Holman at Victory World Outreach Center here in Richmond. I have attended Victory for a little over a year now, and I’ve never felt more at home in any church than I have there.                                                
 Pastor Holman and his wife Debbie are caring people who are always there for their church family.                                  My husband and I were both saved and baptized in this church and this is where our children first began to learn about Jesus.                                                      
 I am very thankful for our loving pastor and church family at Victory World Outreach Center.          
 Ashleigh Fletcher
My pastor, Bro. Cliff Christman, at Trinity Missionary Baptist Church is a man on fire for God who is not afraid to speak the truth and use the Bible to back it up.                                          
He is a wonderful leader and friend and an amazing person for my 8-year-old son to look up to.                                  
He is the busiest person I have ever met. His heart is full of compassion for the church and for lost people in our community.                                                  
He leads our Christian school with love and firmness and sets a great Godly example for the students there.                
I love him dearly and thank God every day that he is my pastor.            
Leah King
My co-pastors passed away a couple years ago and I miss them dearly.                      
Bro. Herman Cress and Bro. Paul Akers were wonderful men of God and such a help to everybody. I miss them both so much.                                                  
Bro. Everette Eads from Pathfork, Ky., is also my pastor. My father-in-law (Reverend Merrill Campbell) is an awesome preacher/pastor, as are my two brothers-in-law (Roger Campbell and Marc Campbell).                                        
A pastor's job is NEVER done. Even if they are on vacation and away from the church, the members are never too far from their minds.                                  
They visit the sick and elderly, hospitals visits, members surgeries, whatever the need may be, they are there.                         I appreciate someone that will tell me the truth...and they do! Love them dearly!
Sharie Lee Campbell 

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