The Richmond Register

October 16, 2013

A wedding that was a surprise to the bride

By Carol Prewitt
Register Columnist

NEWBY — A while back, during a visit with Louise (Newland) Agee, Louise told me how she came to marry J.B. Agee.

George and Ollie (Lamb) Newland raised their family in the community of Ruthton.

Louise, their daughter, was dating J.B. He was a shy fellow, and Louise was in love.

J.B. surprised her on February 11, 1921, when he came to her parent’s door dressed in his best clothes.

Ollie seemed to know the reason why and told Louise to put on a nice dress, and they would all go to Lexington together. When they got to the Ashland Baptist Church, she found out it was her wedding day!

Seems J.B. had asked her parents permission to marry their daughter but was too shy to ask Louise. However, she was happy to go along with the plan, and after the ceremony they returned to George and Ollie’s home and spent their wedding night there.

They moved into a two bedroom house in Newby and raised their four children, Judy, J.B. Jr., Jerry and Helen. Louise, now 84, still lives in the home they made there. She said they never thought of the house as small. They were comfortable, and the children never gave her trouble.

Now, I have to say that whenever a parent says this to me I have to smile. As adults, several of my brothers and sisters and I were sitting at my mother’s kitchen table reminiscing about some of our childhood antics. Several times my mother would stop us and say, “I never knew about that,” to which our response was, “You weren’t supposed to know.”

Louise said one day J.B. decided to take the family down to Silver Creek, so they loaded up in the car and started out. Louise soon realized that J.B. must have sneaked a few beers and was in no condition to drive. She told him to scoot over, and she drove them safely home. The amazing part is Louise had never been behind the wheel before. That’s the day she learned to drive! J.B. was repentant for putting his family in danger and never drank another drop.

I am happy to be back in Newby and see all the family and friends and attend my home church again. So much work went on at the church while I was gone I hardly recognized it!

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