The Richmond Register

March 13, 2013

Stories from the past flowing in

Newby News

By Carol Prewitt
Register Columnist

NEWBY — Doing this article has become a lot of fun for me. Stories from the past are coming in and I love it.

Dillard (Hosie) Hughes was raised in Newby, but, at the time of this story, he was living in Backwoods.

Just like last week’s story, he was a tinkerer.

Sometime in the 1940s, Hosie decided to make an airplane in the loft of his barn from assorted parts and pieces, the heaviest part he had to handle being the engine.

He had not come up with a brake system yet, so he tied a rope to the tail of the plane and the other end to the back wall of the barn.

One day, he decided it was ready for a test flight. He climbed into the cockpit and revved up that engine. It took a while for it to reach the speed he thought was just right.

When it did, he turned to the tail and, with a butcher knife, attempted to cut the rope.

Off he went through the loft door, taking the barn wall with him.

Sorry to say the weight of the engine (not to mention the barn wall) was too heavy and it took an immediate nose dive into the ground.

The fearless pilot suffered only bumps and bruises.

Jessica Rose will be having a birthday Monday, March 25. Happy birthday, Jess.

Louie Beaty, Theresa Rhodus and Jerry Rose joined several other musicians and singers this past Friday at Willis Manor to entertain the residents. They played to a full house.

Jean Bogie called to say she enjoyed last week’s story and said her son, George Allen, is still using Aub Burris’ shop where the lawn tractor was built.

She also wants everyone to know on Saturday, March 23, Big Hill Christian Church is having an Easter event. There will be an egg hunt, dinner and speakers.

Newby Union Church will be hosting it’s Third Saturday Gospel Sing this Saturday, March 16, at 6:30 p.m.

Gordon Hisle and Friends of Faith are the special guests.

I want to add my congratulations to Madison Central’s Indians on winning the Sweet 16 tournament. We can be proud of our young people.

There are three new homes being built in Newby, two on my road and one on Jolly Ridge Road. It’s great to know we are soon to have new neighbors. Everyone be sure to welcome them.

Keep those stories coming in, plus any announcements you want to make. Send them to, call 625-0355, or mail to 525 Maple Grove Road.