The Richmond Register

October 18, 2012

Paint Lick sportsmen to meet tonight

Paint Lick News

By Katie Rollins
Register Columnist

PAINT LICK — It’s a bright and beautiful Tuesday morning here in Paint Lick and workers are, once again, everywhere.

Thank you, Jesus, for everything in sending “life” to our village.

The Paint Lick Sportsman’s Club will meet this evening inside Paint Lick Christian Church.

I do apologize for not listing this event earlier – time seems to slip away more and more often.

A potluck lunch is planned this coming Sunday at Paint Lick Christian.

Everyone is invited for Sunday services at 9:45 a.m. Even if you cannot come for Sunday School, please feel free to bring a dish and join us in sharing the Lord’s meal.

Paint Lick Post Office is asking every member of this community to be involved in the meeting taking place next Tuesday, Oct. 23, at noon.

“It will make a difference”  if you show your support by keeping a post office in this village.

Most smaller places are closing down and just this morning, I read where our stamps “will be up a penny” to 46 cents.

I like Paint Lick and I intend to be at the meeting. It will be conducted inside Paint Lick Community Arts Center.

Many thanks to Hal and Yvonne Davis for all their support in helping our village “come out on top.” Mark this date on your calendar, folks ... Tuesday, Oct.23, noon.

The big news for fall is ... get ready ... the Hauntless Halloween Hike on Halcomb’s Knob at Messenger Farm next Friday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Since Mother Nature does not get into the scary stuff at Halloween, this hike promises to be the best ever.

Mother Nature will start off the evening by telling all her people “why the animals can talk with each other” on this very night and she will be taking away some of the really scary myths associated with Halloween.

You will get to meet some really neat  rascals – how about a skunk, a raccoon, muskrat, coyote, an owl, a bat  and, of course, the spider, as you are led around the edge of Halcomb’s Knob on some uneven ground, so it’s a good time to wear your hiking boots. I plan to try out my toughies!

A bonfire with fudge-striped smores is planned after your hike.

Admission is $1 for everyone who wishes to brave this candlelit evening on Halcomb’s Knob.

The location of this hike is 430 Old Wallacetown Road. For more information, please call Deborah Messenger at  925-9936.

She is the owner and operator of a certified Farmer’s Roadside Market where she has grass-fed beef at a reasonable price.

Spinach and kale greens,  green peppers and tomatoes are in abundance at her home located at 430 Old Wallacetown Road.

Everything sold at this market is organically grown. It is important for me to know  what I eat and where it comes from.

You also are welcome to visit Deborah at her Halcomb’s Knob Bed and Breakfast home.

Again, calls are always taken at 925-9936.

May God bless.