The Richmond Register

October 11, 2012

Nearly 300 attend arts center opening

Paint Lick News

By Katie Rollins
Register Columnist

PAINT LICK — It’s a spectacular Tuesday morning here in Paint Lick and the sun is shining the brightest I’ve seen in three days.

It is so very still out with not a whisper of intent to delay the gorgeous day ahead.

It was an amazing sight to look out earlier and take in the foggy mist which lay blanketed with just a hint of frost on the fields. What a wonderful day!

This past weekend was incredible with close to 300 people choosing to spend their Friday evening at the open house and ribbon cutting ceremony of the Paint Lick Community Arts Center.

The many women who brought cookies are to be held in high esteem. We had lots and lots of snack and cookies galore with coffee and apple cider.

Halyvonnes Garden was a showcase of splendor as we all walked through what was once a bank and viewed a variety of paintings and drawings from those I didn’t even know had an interest in art.

Then, on a wet and cold Saturday morning, we all braved the dampness for Paint Lick’s VillageFest.

It was really good to see Bertha McQuerry sitting in that big truck of Johnny and Sandra Days’ as they drove through town and we sang “happy birthday” to Bertha.

I  say “thank you” to everyone who visited and looked at all we had to offer. The Friends of Paint Lick are truly fortunate to have so many who are interested in coming to our town. You are the reason we are here.

Christmas in The Village will be conducted Saturday, Dec. 1, and we’ll look forward to seeing everyone come back again as we celebrate the Lord’s birthday.

You know, He is good to us every day, if we just let Him, for I am still in the process of gathering and canning tomatoes and juice and we’ll still have some Irish potatoes that seemed to take on a second  growing. Our cabbage looks good and the sweet potato vines are still green.

Folks, I am blessed every day and sometimes more than I can handle in one day.

I’ve heard the saying all my growing years, “He would not send anymore than I could take,” so I am joyous with the thought of another tomorrow.

The front windows across the way at Copperhead Environmental Consulting are looking like autumn with an array of large pumpkins for your fall and Thanksgiving display at home.

Vicky is asking $5 for every pumpkin sold and the entire proceeds will go to A.N.G.E.L.S. Food Bank which is located inside Copperhead.

Just this morning, I was telling Mrs. Starnes I was eager to get a display started on my front porch. I do not get into Halloween, preferring more to attend to the “thanks” given to our Lord at Thanksgiving.  Autumn will then be in full swing.

A wonderful, happy birthday wish to my sister, Linda Moberly, on Monday, Oct. 15. She looks younger every day.

May God bless.