The Richmond Register

March 6, 2013

Waco gets a little of the white stuff

Waco News

By Peggy Brandenburg
Register Columnist

WACO — Hi! We did get a little of the white stuff, didn’t we?

Tuesday evening was something else – the wind-driven snow made it especially hard to see if one was driving.

Madison County students received a blessing, of sorts, school already was called off, so the kids didn’t have to get up early and wait for that “snow-go” report!

Congratulations to Judy Mabes and her husband Donald, former Wacoans, who are now great-grandparents and their daughter, Mary Ann, is a grandmother (how time flies!)

Mary Ann’s daughter, Kayla, delivered the first little boy into the Mabes family recently.

Christopher James Lee Murphy, we’re sure, will be spoiled rotten! (And that’s okay!) Congratulations, Kayla, Shaun and the rest!

Happy birthday wishes go out to:  Hallie Woleslagel, March 1; Rosa Lee Cottrell, March 2; Judy Centers Rose, March 3; Kristie Green and Kiara Prichta, March 4; Eric Brandenburg, March 5; twins Ted and “Duge” Brown, March 6; Eva Ramsey and Rachel Brown, March 7; Diana McDonald, March 9; Tonielle Wilson, March 10; Melodie Lincavage, March 12; and Audrey Cooper, March 13.

I hope I said happy birthday to Destiny Cook, Feb. 23, and Betsy Rogers, Feb. 25, just so you’d know I remembered!

Flatwoods Christian Church will be sponsoring a trip to Newport Aquarium this Saturday, March 9. The group will leave Flatwoods at 8 a.m.

Contact Pat Jones if you plan to go or can drive.

On March 16 (next Saturday) “Ten Bands for Ten Dollars” (Winter Jam 2013) will be performing in Rupp Arena. There will be 10 bands – that’s not the name of a group – beginning at 6 p.m.

Contact Pat Jones if you would like to go with the Flatwoods Christian Church groups.

Deepest sympathies go out to the Doris Kaylor family.  Mrs. Kaylor seemingly passed peacefully this past Saturday.

To George Allen, Donna, Teresa, Bonnie, Sue, Mark and all their families, we want you to know you’re in our thoughts and prayers at this time.

Sympathy wishes also go out to the family of Mary Coyle who also passed away earlier this week. Your friends and neighbors have you in their thoughts and prayers as well.

That’s about it for this week – with 60-plus temperatures forecast for this weekend – we know you’ll have a great one!

Don’t forget to spring your clocks forward before you go to bed Saturday night – Daylight Saving Time begins!