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May 1, 2013

Anvil shoot at voting time

Newby News

By Carol Prewitt
Register Columnist

NEWBY — At one time, Poosey Ridge was mainly a Republican area. Newby, on the other hand, was mainly a Democrat area. The two neighborhoods were very friendly with each other, but at election time, a little rivalry would liven things up.

Tradition between the two was to have an anvil shoot to announce the winner of an election. Newby-ites would gather at Long Ridge with their anvils and Poosey-ites would gather on the other side of Silver Creek at the end of Jigwater Road with theirs.

One anvil was placed upside down on the ground and the hollow space filled with gun powder. Then a trail of powder led a safe distance away. The second anvil was placed on top of the first. A match was put to the fuse line and when it reached the anvil it would send the top one flying high. It would land so hard you would have to use a grubbin’ hoe to dig it out of the ground.

William “Judge” Lowry told of one that went astray many years ago.

Newby voters went to a log house with a rail fence on Maple Grove Road (I believe it was the Peyton place) to vote and the men would gather at the fence to discuss things.

The fella’s from Poosey got a little overanxious to celebrate one year. They didn’t wait for Newby to finish voting. They came through Newby on horses, shooting guns, just like the old west, knocking three of the men off the fence. One tale has the men being killed, but that is not confirmed.

If you’ve never seen an anvil shoot, you can go to the Appalachian Museum in Norris, Tenn. They have an annual shoot in the fall. There are a lot of great things to see and do there.

My nephew, Rob Janicki, was in his local newspaper recently. A fundraiser was being conducted with a basketball game between Crime Stoppers and the Detroit Lions. At one point, they saw Rob in the stands and asked if he would like to make some shots. Of course, he did.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, one of the Lions’ team members took off his jersey and put it on Rob. Then, the team came up behind him, lifted him up and he made a basket.

What a thrill for him. Rob has cerebral palsy, but that doesn’t keep him from trying anything life offers him. He’s an inspiration to many people.

Rob celebrated a birthday on the April 20.

Sharlene Evans had a birthday on Monday, April 29.

Jay and Karen Gullette celebrated another anniversary on April 26.

Broady Gray was taken to the hospital Monday. The family would appreciate your prayers.

Newby Union Church still is accepting donations for a yard sale fundraiser. Call 859-625-0355 and Bill will be glad to them pick up.

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