The Richmond Register

April 28, 2013

Here’s what not to do when applying for job

By Jennifer Napier
Register Columnist

RICHMOND — If you want to witness how many wrong ways there are to complete an employment application, use the checklist below and go to any employer who requires applicants to complete on-site applications.

You will get to observe many unprepared job seekers put on a quite a (negative) show for employers!

Here is your checklist of what a job seeker is NOT supposed to do:

If the employer still uses paper applications, did the applicant ask for an application AND something to write with?

Did the applicant ask for someone to help them apply using the computer kiosk?

Did they make phone calls asking someone else to give them the information they needed while applying?

Is the applicant using the “buddy system” to look for a job (meaning two or more people are job searching together, or one brought a friend or relative along on their job search so they wouldn’t have to go alone)?

Did the applicant carry distractions into the employer’s place of business, such as cell phone, food, drink, cigarettes, or their children?

Was the applicant wearing a T-shirt, shorts, sweatshirt, sweatpants, jeans (showing frayed edges, stains, or cuts in them), dirty shoes or boots, hair not styled or combed, appeared as if they had not yet taken a shower, wore excessive body jewelry, or low-cut, tight, revealing, or offensive clothing?

Did the applicant submit an application that appeared folded, bent or contained a stain?

Did the applicant complete a paper application in anything other than blue or black ink?

Not knowing how to conduct an effective job search can devastate your financial future! 

Your job provides you with an income. If you can’t get a job, or can’t move upward in your career path, then your paycheck and your standard of living will suffer.

Why spend a lifetime suffering for a skill you never learned – how to really apply for a job. Learn the skill and improve your employment opportunities now.

Appearance and presentation are critical factors in gaining employment, yet so many people treat the job search and application process as if they are running an errand.

Many people believe that picking up an application, or dropping it off, is just another task on their daily to-do list.

Many job seekers have the attitude that “this will only take a few minutes,” or “I’m in the area and it’s convenient right now” and never consider how their appearance, or attitude, will affect their chances of getting that job.

If you want to be taken seriously in your next job search, then dress as if you want to start work that day, even if you’re only picking up or dropping off the application.

Go job hunting when it appears to be convenient for the employer or manager, not for you. 

Don’t leave blanks on applications.  Have your information (all of it) ready when applying, some employers will not allow an application to leave their office.

First impressions are lasting impressions and a bad impression will leave you unemployed!

Jennifer Napier is the owner of Jennifer Napier Career Consulting in Richmond. Visit her website at:, or “Like” on FB - search JNCC4U