The Richmond Register

January 23, 2013

Pasture/hay improvement strategies and cover crops meeting Jan. 28

By Brandon Sears
Extension Agent

RICHMOND — I would like to invite you to participate in an upcoming meeting concerning cover crops, forage and beef production. This meeting is 6 p.m. Monday, Jan. 28, at the Madison County Extension Office, 230 Duncannon Lane.

The first session will focus on using cover crops to extend the grazing season and provide soil health benefits. Jimmy Lyons, NRCS resource conservationist, will share his experience and provide recommendations for success. In cooperation with Madison County Conservation District, we will discuss our local demonstration plots as well.

Via computer, Dr. Garry Lacefield, UK Extension forage specialist, will be speaking on “Preparing for More and Better Pastures In 2013,” and Dr. Jeff Lehmkuhler, UK Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, will be speaking on “Strategies to Stretch the Hay Supply.” A meal will be served, so reserve a spot by giving us a call 623-4072.

Pesticide certification meetings set

I have planned four meetings to certify or re-certify those farmers that need Private Farm Pesticide Applicator Certification (PATIM). If you are spraying restricted use pesticides on your farm you need this certification. (If you charge a fee to someone else for these services, you will need to obtain a Commercial Applicator License through KDA. The private pesticide applicator training does not pertain to the Commercial Applicator License Certification.)

The private pesticide applicator sessions will be held at the Madison County Extension Office on Duncannon Lane on the following dates. You need to attend only one session.

• Tuesday, Jan. 29, noon or 6 p.m.

• Thursday, Feb. 7, noon or 6 p.m.

You may attend any one session to be certified to use restricted-use pesticides on your farm. There is no cost for this certification.

IMPORTANT: If you are not using your present card, and will not be using restricted-use pesticides in the future, you do not need to re-certify. Call to let us know and we can take your name off our list. If you have questions, please call me, 623-4072.