The Richmond Register

January 17, 2013

The weather is all mixed up

Kirksville News

By Donna Moberly
Register Columnist

KIRKSVILLE — Hello everyone. It goes from warm weather to cold, from rain to ice in just a few days. The weather is all mixed up.

I hope everyone remains cautious when they are on the road. No matter what kind of weather we have, the rain can be treacherous.

Dad still has people wrecking in that curve on Hwy. 1295 just at the last entrance of the “Ross Farm.” His fence has been hit almost as many times as the fence at the corner of Hwy. 1295/52.

The ditch at Dad’s farm keeps some damage away from his fence. People still drive too fast on 1295. When it gets wet, you cannot make those curves. I think someone should write a book on the Curves of Kirksville. The sequel would be never ending.

Well, Tyler Scrinver is heading to Japan. He is the young man who is in the U.S. Navy. He will be missed, but everyone is so proud. What an honor Kirksville has in this man. We will keep you in our prayers.

It seems illness is hitting everyone. So many in the community have been sick or are going through some tough illness.

All churches, please keep our community and all the church’s members in prayer.