The Richmond Register

January 17, 2013

Finding a way to beat those January blues

Northside News

By Rose Miller
Register Columnist

RICHMOND — I don’t know about you, but the month of January seems to be the longest month of the year to me.

One notable psychologist explains this perception seems to have some psychological merit. He expounds that after a sequence of demandingly-festive holiday months, January rather seems to be somewhat anticlimactic.

However, the good doctor enlightens us that there are things we can do to make these shadowy, cold days more exciting and even enjoyable, especially in our own homes.

We can fight early-evening darkness by turning on lots of electrical lighting, then, using aromatically-scented candles is generally helpful in creating a favorable ambiance on a mediocre, mid-week evening.   

Now, doesn’t an after-dinner soak in the tub, fresh pajamas, a good book or early movie with the family sound wonderfully therapeutic?

One thing I try to remember, when I’m feeling lonely for no good reason, is to take time out to thank God for having a full stomach, warm home and good health.

Call me simple-minded, but I find it is difficult to have a fit of apprehension or an attack of anxiety when you are counting your blessings!

January is National Blood Donation Month. A blood donation drive was conducted Wednesday, Jan. 16, at the Union Fellowship Hall, 200 Prospect Street in Berea.  

Call 1-800-775-2522 to find out where in your area you may participate in this remarkable humanitarian accomplishment.

Don’t forget that Monday, Jan. 21, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Generally,school is dismissed on this day. Be sure to check in case you need to make arrangements for your school-age children.

“Everyday Sunday Band” is in concert this Saturday, Jan. 19, in the Madison Hills Christian Church auditorium. Tickets may be purchased early for $7 each and at the door for $10. There are plenty of tickets still available at the church.

Young people may check out this popular band’s music on K-LOVE, Air 1, iTunes and YouTube.

All young people are invited, so come on out, fill the auditorium and enjoy a swinging,good time. Call the church for more details.

Make a point to answer your door when the Girl Scouts come around selling their delicious cookies during the next few weeks. Everyone enjoys a favorite selection, so be ready to help out this annual fundraiser. This long-standing national organization challenges girls to be the very best citizens they can be.

Please, don’t forget most churches in the area have some type of program to help God’s Pantry feed the hungry in our neighborhoods.

God’s Pantry is a compassionate organization that reaches out to help families in our county stock food in otherwise sparse or empty cupboards.

Birthday congratulations go out to Fannie Bodden and Paris H.

May God bless you both with many more delightful years of happy living.

Feel free to contact me at 527-0411 or e-mail me at with your special days, church and community events.

Until next week, may God bless you and yours.