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January 10, 2013

Happy New Year from Paint Lick

Paint Lick News

By Katie Rollins
Register Columnist

PAINT LICK — Happy New Year!

It’s a beautiful Tuesday morning here in Paint Lick with an amazing sunshine that is going to warm everything all during this week.

Cooler temperatures with some rain showers are expected by the weekend, but it looks like we will get to enjoy a few warm days.

I intend to get out and clean up around our house where the wintry winds have blown in all kinds of stuff.

Paint Lick Community Arts Center is looking for those of you who would are interested in the “art of quilting.”

For eight Saturdays, the center will feature classes in which you can learn how to do something special for yourself and, in turn, can hand down the art through future generations.

This past weekend was wonderful at the center with numerous quilts and quilting patterns, adorning the walls.

Also , they are asking for anyone with an interest in working with clay.  

If you are interested in such a venture, you can call Hal and Yvonne at the center, 925-2741.  I know  you will be pleased.

Paint Lick’s Three-Fold Meats will be receiving a fresh, not frozen, load of beef this weekend, so stop by and take a look or call them at 925-2172.

Our  grocery is doing well, too, according to the stops made by local and out-of-town people.

I found the less time spent in town at the bigger stores is paying off. I actually have not done any shopping and I don’t spend a large amount whenever I do cash purchases.

I think I’m saving some by staying home more and eating from what we already have on hand. That’s good, huh?

The flu and symptoms of flu are raging all over, so try and use prevention.

Staying well involves keeping your hands clean and getting enough rest. Keeping the top of your head warm and dry is a great idea, also. Layered clothing on cold, wet days when going outdoors is good.

Happy birthday to nephew Terry Cheeks of the Smokehouse Grill on Jan. 12.

Paint Lick Post Office is changing its hours of opening business. It will be open each weekday and Saturdays from 9 to 11 a.m.

May God bless.