The Richmond Register

June 19, 2013

Do you remember these remedies?

Carol Prewitt

Newby — Most people remember Carters Little Liver Pills.

It was the spring tonic used to thin your blood and get you moving. I remember when the FDA made them remove the word liver from the label as there was no proof it helped in that area.

Another tonic was known as the three S’s, and I've been told it is still available today. It, too, was to “build your up your blood.”

Oh, how I remember castor oil! It was said to be good for back pain, fungus, virus and dysentary among other complaints. All I know is that it was more like a punishment to me.

Our driveway was lined with three apple trees, a pear tree and a cherry tree. Every summer my brothers, sisters and I would be up the trees usually before the fruit was ready. Especially the cherry tree! You had to get there before the birds ate them all.

I remember being up in that tree and seeing my mother standing under it with a spoon in one hand and a bottle of castor oil in the other. Ugh!

I also remember these home remedies:

Got a spliter? Slap some salt meat on it overnight ,and it would draw it out.

A spoonful of peanut butter can cure the hic-cups.

Use garlic for an ailing heart.

If you can’t get an apple a day to keep the doctor away, try a clove of garlic.

Peppermint candy has always been good for an upset stomach. Or put it in your mouth and drink a glass of water to get rid of laryngitis.

Vinegar cures everything known to man, if you believe all you read. It cures you AND unclogs your drains.

Every family has its own twist on these and other remedies. I’d like to hear them.

I want to say happy birthday to my good friend, Louise Agee. I hope Tuesday was a special one for you.