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April 24, 2013

Have you ever seen a hillside tractor?

Newby News

By Carol Prewitt
Register Columnist

NEWBY — The late 40s and early 50s was a time when people knew how to be resourceful when a problem arose. They very often came up with homemade solutions out of thriftiness learned during WWII and Korea.

You may remember the story of Hosie Hughes and his homemade airplane. It showed what a little imagination and a lot of willpower can accomplish, if we hang in there.

Well, Hosie had another rather ingenious idea for mowing his land that had a few steep ridges on it.

He knew he had to keep a tractor from skidding over the ridge and upsetting the tractor. So this is what he came up with.

He used scrap from old cars, car parts and a car motor to build the tractor. He added a wheel with spikes in the center, in front of the motor to stop it from sliding. He attached an old horse-drawn mower to pull behind it. To this, he added a long pole that would swivel from side to side. At the end of that pole was an old wash tub.

He then convinced his sister to ride in tub. She would swing the pole to one side of the tractor, climb into the tub to keep the balance on the high side of the hill and ride to the end of the row being mowed.

When it was time to turn around, she had to jump out, swing the pole to the other side of the tractor, jump back in and ride back the other way.

It must have seemed like an adventure to her and was quite a help to Hosie!  

What a great generation of “Can-Do” people!

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