The Richmond Register

February 27, 2013

Arts center is leaving Paint Lick

Paint Lick News

By Katie Rollins
Register Columnist

PAINT LICK — Hello readers. We have some sunshine in Paint Lick, this Tuesday morning with just a hint of wind and a light rain shower.

It’s nothing from what I heard on the news last evening when they said I would surely need an umbrella if I went outside on Tuesday.

I go outside every day, no matter the weather ... and most times without the umbrella.

I have this really neat hat that keeps me dry. I am looking for the day when all the beautiful and useful hats will be coming back into the dress scene. I think hats are just the thing to “top it all off.”


I suppose everyone has heard ... Paint Lick Community Arts Center is leaving our small village.

Hal and Yvonne Davis were a godsend of bright lights and encouragement. They will be with us until the end of March  and classes are still planned for that month, so give them a call at 925-2741 or stop by for a visit with Hal and Yvonne.

Three Fold Meats, or what I call “the meat store,” also has left the area, moving to Berea.  They are located at 210 N. Broadway just past Berea Memorial Park.

I do travel to Berea some, but with gas prices, I have to pick my days. But, I do intend to visit them whenever I’m up that way.       

G & L Country Store is still open for business and I hope they will stay. Call them at 925-9000.

I have the big, brown country eggs for sale, since I am collecting more than I need.   Call me at 925-2203, if you need some eggs. I am usually at home in the early evenings after 5 p.m.

February has been a good, cold month for chili and all the fixings, so I do a lot of soups and cooking of pinto beans for my chili. I have a hint – when just cooking pinto beans for eating plain, always add your salt to taste after the beans have cooked. Without the salt, cooking time will be faster.

A happy birthday wish from all the friends at The Friends of Paint Lick goes to Mrs. Gladys Nave on Wednesday, Feb. 27. I miss having all the folks in Paint Lick and Gladys was certainly one I will not forget.  Have a happy day.     

May God bless.