The Richmond Register

May 6, 2013

Spring is definitely here

Successful adults often started out mowing yards

By Dick Ham
Register Columnist

RICHMOND — I was just thinking the other day about the fact that in spite of the variations in temperature, there are a number of signs that spring is definitely here.

The first is my yard. My grass is growing extremely fast and must be mowed often. It has actually been a long time since I’ve owned a lawn mower. I have had a number of young people who have mowed for me.

The first was a young girl who lived across the road from us. Terri Vish came to my door one day and said, “Mr. Ham, your yard needs mowing, may I mow it for you?”

Terri was in middle-school at that time, and I was a bit skeptical, but she did a good job and mowed a number of times for me.

Then a 12-year-old began to provide my lawn service. Billy Ackerman is now Property Valuation Administrator for Madison County, but he was an excellent yard man for several years. He always did an excellent job, and it was at least partially because of his mother, Diana. A number of times I would look out when Billy was at work and his mom would be in the yard supervising. She even mowed a time or two when Billy wasn’t available. His little brother Terry helped and actually mowed a few times as well.

Tim Parke and Josh Tipton both mowed for me.

Then the young man who assisted me for the longest time, Trent Edwards, took the job. Trent began when he was still in high school and continued until he earned his degree at EKU and took a full-time job in Lexington. Trent was dependable, did fine work and assisted me with other things I needed done, such as tilling a spot for me to grow tomatoes, and crawling under my house to replace the filter in my heating/air conditioning system. It is hard for me to  imagine a finer young man.

Now I have a new yard man, Jedediah Hetrick. He lives just across the road, is a teenager, home-schooled and also has a job at Chik-fil-A. This is another outstanding young man whom I am extremely fortunate to have assist me.

If any of you need dandelions, come to my house. They are covering my yard.

Another sign that spring is here are birds. Nancie and I put bird seed out on our patio and in the back yard and enjoy the many types of birds that come there to dine.

We have lights on each side of our front door. A mother Robin built a nest on top of one of those and she faithfully sits there on her eggs. When the temperature is cool, Nancie leaves that light on to provide warmth for mama and her eggs.

There is one other sure sign spring is here. I was driving on West Main St. a few days ago, and my good friend Bob Johnson was sitting on his front porch. There is not a more certain sign that spring has arrived.

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