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February 26, 2013

Adopt-A-Potato project needs 100 to grow, harvest and share recipe

10 varieties up for adoption

RICHMOND — Ten varieties of potato are up for adoption to residents of the region and whether you are an experienced gardener or a first time grower, you can pick your potato and get some tips on the myriad ways you can grow it.

When you adopt your special potato, Sustainable Berea will provide you with one to two pounds of seed potatoes that come with planting and care instructions.

In return, we ask you to keep some simple data on how the potato grows, and if you would like, share the recipe you use to cook your potato!

Potatoes up for adoption include: All Red, Sunrise, Purple Viking, Red Norland, Banana Fingerling, Green Mountain, Yukon Gold, Red Thumb Fingerling, German Butterball, Purple Peruvian Fingerling.

Sustainable Berea is striving for 100 potato growers and has 42  so far.

We have been thrilled with the enthusiastic response, said Carrie Watson. It is a fun project and people are excited about it.  

Why potatoes?

A garden that supports a resilient household needs to produce calories as well as salads. Potatoes can produce the most calories per square foot of any temperate crop, said Richard Olson, designer of the Adopt-A-Potato project.

People wanting to participate can sign up at the next monthly Sustainable Berea meeting at 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, March 5, at the Friends Meeting House, 300 Harrison Road, Berea.

For more details, call 985-1689 or email:

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