The Richmond Register

December 3, 2013

Moving to Richmond was the right decision

By Dick Ham
Register Columnist

RICHMOND — I was just thinking the other day about a decision I made 30 years ago that was definitely right.

I answered the call of First Baptist Church in Richmond to serve as its minister of music. My first Sunday in that position was Nov. 27, 1983.

I’ve told numerous people that I arrived just in time to begin franticly preparing music for the Christmas season.

I was here alone for several months while Nancie completed her year of teaching and sold our home in Tennessee. We bought our home here in the Sspring of 1984, and I moved in alone with a bed, a table and chairs. Nancie didn’t arrive until later in the spring, and we then moved completely.

This is by far the longest time we’ve lived in one place during our 57 years of marriage.

My nearly 17 years of ministry at First Baptist was like a honeymoon. It was a happy time, and I looked forward to each day with my co-workers.

Dr. Curtis Warf was pastor when I came to First Baptist. He and I had known each other for many years but never thought we would ever work together. I could not have asked for a finer pastor. He and I had virtually the same philosophy of ministry, and we shared our ideas about worship and appropriate music in worship.

Nancie’s main career was as a private piano and voice teacher. She was able to develop some of the finest young talents you could imagine. Many of those were awarded valuable music scholarships for college study.

Our daughters, Terry and Wendy completed degrees at the University of Kentucky after we moved back to our native state. Terry taught in American schools overseas, in seven countries and on five continents. She is now international student recruitment and retention specialist for the Purdue University School of Sciences.

Wendy is manager of a property management firm that has more than 500 units under its jurisdiction. These are homes and business properties. The girls live together in West Lafayette, Ind.

Some of the finest friends we’ve made are here, and we love time with them. Nothing is more special and loving than caring friends.

We love living here and certainly hope to finish our lives here. I’ve told Shannon Combs, I want him to carry me out of my house feet first when that time comes.

I’ve made a lot of decisions in my life, but none better than the decision to sevre First Baptist in Richmond.


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