The Richmond Register

November 1, 2012

Tragedy along East Coast is saddening

Paint Lick News

By Katie Rollins
Register Columnist

PAINT LICK — It’s a wet and rainy Tuesday morning here in Paint Lick and I am thankful the winds have slowed the breath of Old Man Winter.

It is so very devastating to see the tragedy that is happening on the East Coast and even to the inner states where so many thousands of people are without power.

So many were asked to leave their homes with the rising waters and it’s saddening to think of those who will be without the comfort and warmth of their home.

Just this morning, I came by an accident on the hill just above the fire department and I took a moment to pray for whoever was in that small car.

The rain slick road and the cold made for hazardous travel. The weather does not always cooperate with drivers who are on their way to and from work or school, especially on the curvy roads.    

It’s supposed to be colder all week and we all need to be more mindful of how the weather can affect not only our driving, but also our very lives. My prayers are with them.

Three-Fold-Meats is doing well and Michelle tells me they will have fresh lamb by news time. I do know they sell some really good bacon and there is nothing better with fresh tomatoes and lettuce on a sandwich for lunch. Call them at 925-2172, if you have a question.

It looks like the old Starnes Garage will be doing some business soon and I am hopeful they will hang around. We can use another money-making business here in the area.

Paint Lick Community Arts Center is also doing well with all kinds of classes. I, with some other ladies, are taking the creative writing course and it does set my mind to thinking as to why I don’t slow down more and enjoy life.

If you are interested in the variety of classes offered at the arts center, call Hall and Yvonne Davis at 925-2741.  

Hall Davis was our speaker at Paint Lick Christian Church this past Sunday and he did a  great job of bringing “light”  to the sermon.

Yvonne played the piano and, as always, she was incredible.

Thanks to both of them.

We were pleased to have Joe Barker, a member of The Gideons from Pleasant Grove Christian Church on the north end of Lancaster. He sure can sing!

This coming Saturday is a big day for William Garnett Hagan or “little Will” as we all call him at church.

Will is a whopping nine years old and is expecting a lot of good wishes. Happy birthday, Will.

Also, to Makayla and Makenzie Isaacs on Nov. 8, a great, big birthday wish to you both. They are also with the Paint Lick Christian Church.

I am getting an early start with wishes this month.

Our friend, Marianne Hurte, of Lancaster and our church  will celebrate her birthday, next Friday, Nov. 9, and a big, big hug from me to my brother Bobby Alexander, also on Nov. 9. My, how time does pass! It only makes me appreciate life more.    

This Friday, Nov. 2,  the arts center will host an evening with Paint Lick’s own Lewis and Donna Lamb starting at 7 p.m. A reception with refreshments will be available at 5:30 p.m.

Everyone is welcome to share the evening.

The Wallaceton Baptist Church Annual Charity Bazaar will be conducted Saturday, Nov. 10, from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Handmade crafts, lots of delicious food and various items will be available for your Christmas list.

Share the day with the ladies at the Wallaceton Baptist Church bazaar. For more information on this event, call  Ricki at 859-792-4715.

Paint Lick Family Clinic will be closed for the day on Friday, Nov. 9.

It’s time to get out there this Tuesday, Nov. 6, and put your opinion in the voting machine at your precinct. We all need to do our civic duty, so I hope to see you there.

 May God bless.