The Richmond Register

October 16, 2013

Paint Lick VillageFest a success

By Katie Rollins
Register Columnist

PAINT LICK — Good morning readers, it’s a cloudy but wonderfully breezy this Tuesday, Oct. 15. 

Our  temperature, they say will be taking somewhat of a drop, (down to the low 60s) later in the week. It’s that time of year when everything begins to cool, and our time drop will add an hour on Nov. 3.   

This Oct. 15 is my sister Linda Moberly’s big bash of a day. Linda is my older sis, and I love her more every day. Happy birthday, Linda.

This past Saturday was Paint Lick’s snnual VillageFest, 25 years in the dream of “Press on Regardless.”

First, I would like to say, “thank you” to everyone who showed at our big day of vendors, to the many people who brought food and helped with the grillin’… (thanks Shawn and Kent).

And, it was just great to talk with the bunches and bunches of people who wandered in on that beautiful autumn day.  

By 2:30 p.m., we were really beat, and the thought of home and a relaxing afternoon sounded heavenly to me. I think there were more people at the VillageFest this year than I’ve seen in five years. Thanks again, all of you.

It was so great to see a part of the Rhodus family of Paint Lick in church this past Sunday. and it was great to see Judy Ledford.

After services, we couldn’t get enough of our pastor Ted’s  message. So, I hope all the members present surprised him at The Kentucky Depot Restaurant in Stanford when he came in and found us all sitting and waiting, once again to have a wonderful lunch with Ted Faulconer and his beautiful wife Barbara. Those two are truly special in the life of our Paint Lick Christian Church and we appreciate how they keep us on track with the daily enlightenment of our Lord.  

Ms. Pauline Denny is having her big yard sale this coming Saturday starting at 8 a.m. She lives one mile down The Old Railroad here in Paint Lick.

The Paint Lick community and all the churches are invited to an outdoor, evening fireside supper of delicious bean soup and the sounds of the night at Halcomb’s Knob Bed and Breakfast off Old Wallacetown Road at the home of Deborah Messenger. It will be an evening to enjoy as we sit and talk and just do nothing. There is no charge to attend, but a free-will donation would be appreciated. Please, bring your own chair to this community event on Friday, Oct. 25. We will begin at 5 p.m.  

The fall decorations are beginning to turn up in everyone’s yard, and they all look so nice. If you are looking for a pumpkin, come to Copperhead Consulting here in Paint Lick, phone 925-9012, and you can take a big one or five small ones home for only $5. Your money will benefit The A.N.G.E.L.S. Food Bank. 

I missed two birthdays this past week, and I am sorry. A happy belated day to Mr. Lewis “Jake” Ross on Oct. 11 and to his daughter Crickett and Paul Henderson on Oct. 16. And a big wish to Jerry Lamb on Oct 20.

I would like to stretch the birthdays a bit and say “hello” to Mr. Roy Rhodus who will have his big day on Oct. 29. Roy is special to many friends and his family.

May God bless everyone.