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April 17, 2013

More about Aubert Burrus

Newby News

By Carol Prewitt
Register Columnist

NEWBY — Here’s another story passed on about Aub Burrus and his country store adventures.

Seems he built his first store on wheels so he could move it around the community when needed.

But as the need grew, he decided to move into the building that is now Newby grocery, owned by the Rose’s.

He had a storage area in the back of the store that he kept special items in and at times it had extra space in it.

As in every community, the store was a place where people gathered to talk about life in general and, of course, had the “regulars” you could count on being there every day.

They were usually the ones who could really spin a yarn.

Sometimes, if the stories got stretched just a little too far, Aub would pick two or three of the guys to hold court and decide if it was believable or not.

If you were found guilty of taking your tale too far, you were then sentenced to the storage bin for a set amount of time.

It was around Christmas time when Uncle Owen decided he would tell “the big one” so he could get locked up.

You see, he knew Aub had candy, peanuts and fruit stored back there for his customers.

I don’t know what the tale was he told, but he did earn the guilty verdict by the store’s court and was sent to the back room “cell” and, while doing time, he ate his fill of inventory.  

Not long after, they say the court was done away with because Aub had an inventory control problem.

Dale Land use to deliver to a lot of the country stores around here in the ’60s and, of course, Aub’s was one of them.

One day Dale said to Aub, “There are so many little stores, are you making any money?”

Aub came right back with his reply.

“I’ve not made any the last 20 years. Guess I’ll stay another 20 and if I haven’t made any by then, I’ll quit.”

Wish I could have known Aub. I know I would have liked him.

Dale tells me his third great-grandfather was one of the first taxpayers in Kentucky.

John Land came to Madison County in 1787. Kentucky wasn’t made a state until 1792, if my history is right.

His wife’s maiden name was Nightingale. John was a Revolutionary Soldier and after the war settled here on what is now the Clyde Long property.

Dale’s family ran the Valley View Ferry until the 1950s.

Jerry Rose has been feeling bad for a couple of weeks now. It’s not a good thing for a musician to have blocked ears. Hopefully he’s on his way to feeling better. We miss his singing and playing.

He just had a birthday on Sunday. We sang happy birthday to him, but we don’t know if he could hear us. (That could be a good thing!)

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