The Richmond Register

February 20, 2013

Winter clothing still needed

Kirksville News

By Donna Moberly
Register Columnist

KIRKSVILLE — Hello everyone. The Kirksville clothing closet will be closed until it warms up a little. The rooms are so big, it is impossible to heat them. You would be frozen just looking around.

If you have items for the clothing bank or are in desperate need of clothing, please call Jean Gilliam at 328-9161. She will be glad to help you out.

They are still in need of children’s winter clothing. So look in your closet for some nice items that someone in need could use and get them to the clothing closet. Winter is not over yet.

The wind blowing has made these sunny days very chilly.

I am still itching to finish putting my clover seed on the hay ground. I was waiting for some snow to help soak my seed into the ground, but I am not sure that is going to happen. I guess, I will have to settle for some rainy days.

If birds are an indication of spring, then it is just right around the corner. I saw red birds and a beautiful red-headed woodpecker in one of my trees this week. Black birds were all over the fields on the farm. Probably trying to eat what seed I was able to put out on one of my fields the other day. Oh well, a lot of farming is “a do over” anyway.

Full Gospel Tabernacle will be having a youth meeting on Sunday at 4:30 p.m. Everyone is invited to attend. They request the children be between ages 5 and 18.

They will be continuing to explore the meaning of love and how it relates to Jesus. They also will be discussing any upcoming events.

If I know Sandy, she and Raymie will be having a lot of plans for visitation programs.

This is a great opportunity to get your young person involved in a great youth ministry.