The Richmond Register

January 30, 2013

Tobacco growers meeting Feb. 4

By Brandon Sears
Extension Agent

RICHMOND — As we begin 2013, tobacco prices continue to be outstanding. Some auction prices have even been above contract levels. This is certainly something that we have not seen in the recent past.

Many are averaging in the upper $1.90s. This is good news, and let’s hope that growing, curing and market conditions will be on our side this year.

As you plan for your 2013 tobacco crop, I want to let you know of the upcoming Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) requirement changes for tobacco growers.

Rather than each tobacco company offering unique and individual GAP trainings and materials, there is now one set of GAP materials and training for all growers.

UK Extension Service is offering trainings at several upcoming tobacco production meetings and contract grower meetings. Most tobacco companies are requiring the new GAP training and certification for 2013.

If you plan to grow tobacco in 2013, please make plans to attend our South Central Kentucky Regional Tobacco Growers meeting on Monday, Feb. 4, at the Garrard County Extension Office in Lancaster on US 27 headed toward Stanford.

UK Extension Tobacco Specialist Dr. Bob Pearce will conduct a 45 minute GAP training starting at 5:30 p.m. Each participant will receive a certificate and a GAP booklet. If you attend this training, you will not have to attend each individual company GAP training.

Starting at 6:30 p.m., Dr. Will Snell will join Dr. Pearce for session covering: 2013 tobacco outlook and production update, tobacco variety trials, pest control, leaf quality, and fertilization.

Tobacco-buying companies will be invited to share any comments or options for growers in 2013.

A beef burger meal with sides will be served. Meal reservations are needed by noon Feb. 1.

Please give me a call at the Madison County Extension Office, 623-4072, if you plan to attend or if you have any questions about this.

Special thanks to the Burley Tobacco Growers Coop and Tri-County Fertilizer and Feed for helping to sponsor our meal.

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