The Richmond Register

January 24, 2013

January freeze moves into Waco

Waco News

By Peggy Brandenburg
Register Columnist

WACO — Hi! We’ve seen the January thaw, now, we’re in the January freeze. I can’t remember when I’ve seen temperatures fluctuate so quickly, can you?

The first of the week in the single digits, now we’re looking forward to the 50s over the weekend (if the forecasts hold true.) Roller coaster weather, that’s for sure!

There was a big birthday celebration for a celebrity (of sorts) on Sunday, Jan. 20.

Sharleen Power, retired Waco teacher, turned the big 90 on Sunday. (I don’t think she would mind me putting that number in print because it is a BIGEE!)

Friends honored her big day by gathering at the Heritage House on Sunday to reminisce, visit and/or (shhh) gossip.

Everyone who knows Sharleen loves her and knows she wouldn’t say one word about anyone unless it was of the “good” kind (or at least true!)

With sickness and travel in the works, those who could not attend Sunday’s get-together presented the honoree with a coupon book of surprises (may I count this as my “surprise” coupon?!) Love you, Sharleen and happy birthday!

There are other birthdays to remunerate, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s on Monday (I suppose you already knew that!) Kera Russell shared Dr. King’s birth date by turning 10 on Jan. 21; Barbara Thomas, Jan. 20; and Angela Hendrix Blair, Jan. 22.

Belated wishes go out to Cindy Gross and Bobbie Smith, Jan. 14; and Bill Edwards, also on Jan. 14 – how was Guatamala?

Happy birthday wishes also to Rick Marcum and Brooke Spence, Jan. 24; Donald Earl Rice, Jan. 25; Judy Childers and Laura Sue Wainscott, Jan. 28; Anna Fox and Phil Flynn, Jan. 30; and Kevin Dennis, Jan. 31!

Since we’re talking “birthdays,” Flatwoods Christian Church will celebrate everybody’s birthday this Sunday, Jan. 27, following the morning service with their “Annual Birthday Dinner.”

There will be a table set up for each month of the year and you will sit at the table of your birth month (what a neat idea!)

Joyce and Reuben Rose spent the long, three-day weekend in Tennessee with grandkids Will and Emily Edwards. It felt great to just get away for a little while, didn’t it folks?

Someone got away for a few days a little farther away – namely, Puerto Rico! You know who you are and you know some of us are green with envy (imagine 80 degrees, beaches, open air markets – ahhh!)

That’s about it for this week. Have a great one (and hold on to the thought of forecasted 50s coming around this weekend!)