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March 8, 2013

Reminiscing in Newby

Newby News

NEWBY — I love history and last week I was reminded of a local story from Newby’s past.

Aubert Burris ran a general store on Jolly Ridge road in the 1950’s and had a garage next to it. He loved to tinker.  He was in need of a lawn tractor and so decided to build his own. He used a Briggs and Stratton engine and a transmission and other assorted parts from a Model A ford. He made his mowing blade in the style of a scyth and also had a plow attachment. It was quite an odd looking machine but served his purpose.

A few years back Aub’s son, Nelson, was in the nursing home and during a visit with him the subject of the lawn tractor came up.

We found out it still existed and was able to get a picture for Nelson. He couldn’t believe it was still around. Nelson passed away shortly after at the age of 90.

His two daughters now have the picture to go along with the story they had heard all their lives.

I would like to thank those who called and wished me well with this weekly venture.Alene Long, Rose Hill and L.M. Lakes. Mr Lakes remembers the lawn tractor very well.

Perry Bogie is still in the nursing home from blood clots in his leg and his wife Jean tells me he is doing much better and taking a few steps now. Jean is an angel of mercy who has helped many in the Newby community.

Levi Benton turned 11 on February 27th.  He is the son of Chris and Brandy Benton, and Saylene Denny,16, scored high on her drivers test and is now traveling our roads.Also, former Valley View resident, Martha Witt was here for a 2 week visit in Newby. On her return hoe to Cincinnati she was admitted to the hospital for observation. We all wish her well.

I would like to compliment our counties road crew for the excellent job they do for us.  I live a ways out and I always know they will be here to keep our roads safe for travel.

Let me hear from you with old memories and such. Contact me at or 652-0355. Also, 525 Maple Grove Road.

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