The Richmond Register

April 10, 2013

Another Newby story or two

Newby News

By Carol Prewitt
Register Columnist

NEWBY — I got a call this past week from a very special person.

Helen Jenkins Carnes was raised in Newby by her adopted parents, Rufus and Elizabeth Jenkins.

She attended the Newby School from the age of 5 and has many fond memories of her time there.  

Her first-grade teacher was Gladys Tudor. She also recalls a Miss Hamilton, who taught English at the high school level. Ruby Long also remembers Miss Hamilton. Ruby usually took a biscuit and country ham to school for lunch. One day Miss Hamilton forgot her lunch. Ruby happened to have two biscuits that day and told the teacher she had enough to share if she’d like.

Miss Hamilton said, with a smile, “If you have enough, hand it over.”

So neither of them went hungry that day.

Another favorite teacher was Mrs. Ora J. Million.

She has many good memories of growing up in Newby with friends Nina Kanatzer and best friend Alene Howard (now Dolhoff). She also enjoyed a friendship with Edith Ross. They kept in touch for many years.

Edith Ross married James (Smokey) Prewitt and years later became my mother-in-law.

Helen also enjoyed attending the dances at school and she still has her place cards from the graduation banquet.

She graduated with the last high school class in 1939. A.C. Duncan was principal at the time. She is the last surviving member of the graduating class of nine students.

Helen thought about going to college after graduation, but a fella by the name of Hobart Carnes won her heart and they married and raised a family.

Helen is now 90 years young and Hobart is 91. They married on May 24, 1941, and will soon celebrate 72 years together. That’s quite a record.

Another short story before I end this week .  

Buck Prewitt, his father, James Edmond and Jack Barnes decided to go fish giggin’ in Silver Creek one evening. While they were there, a storm came up. There was a deserted house not far away so they decided to take shelter there. When the storm passed by, they headed home.

A few days later a man came by and told them they had scared him to death. Seems he kept a still in the basement and with all the noise they made upstairs he thought the law had him!

Buck say’s they never knew the old house had a basement until then.

Sorry I missed Jerry and Brenda Rose’s anniversary last week – 33 years. God bless ya, Brenda.

Thanks to all who share these great memories. It would be so sad to lose this part of our history, so keep in touch – or 859-625-0355.