The Richmond Register

January 9, 2014

Madison County Public Library Customer Pick:

‘The Most Dangerous Thing’

Special to the Register

RICHMOND — When Gay Tincher stops by the library to check out a new book, she tends to look for something in the mystery and suspense genres.

So it was natural for her to pick up a copy of Laura Lippman’s 2011 novel, “The Most Dangerous Thing.” After all, Lippman is well-known for her mystery fiction and psychological suspense with her Tess Monaghan P.I. series, including “Charm City” and “The Girl in the Green Raincoat.”

Tincher, an active MCPL user in Richmond (and member of the Nifty Needlers who meet each Monday night at the library), said she enjoys Lippman’s writing. Plus Lippman writes in her favorite genres.

“The Most Dangerous Thing,” however, defied those genre boxes, she said.

“This book focuses more on the characters and ways the past comes back into play as people grow and change in their lives,” Tincher explained.

The novel revolves around a group of childhood friends and moves back and forth in time from their youth in the 1970s to the present. As the story opens, the youngest of their childhood circle has died, and the remaining friends gather for his funeral.

But questions arise. Was his death accidental? Could it have been suicide?

As they begin to delve into what really happened, they are forced to confront a deeply buried lie from their past. A secret they have kept for years. A secret that may have affected them all more deeply than they ever imagined it would.

“I highly recommend this book,” Tincher said, adding that it is not so much a mystery as it is an exploration of the lives of the characters and how their shared past has irrevocably changed them.

“The Most Dangerous Thing” is available in regular and large print, in audio and in digital download format from Kentucky Libraries Unbound.