The Richmond Register

April 17, 2013

Feeling the freedom from tax day

Waco News

By Peggy Brandenburg
Register Columnist

WACO — Hi! Are you feeling as free as a bird this week?

I’m not particularly talking about the weather, although it has been nice lately – we go from winter to summer it seems like.

I was actually talking about tax day – when those tax returns are finally in the mail, it is liberating!

Tax day will be remembered for another reason, sad to say, after the horrific happenings in Boston on Monday.  Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone.

Brillian Cain’s “famous” ham will make everyone feel better, don’t you agree?

She will be bringing it to the Waco 338 Masonic Lodge this Saturday, April 20, for the annual Family and Friends Night Potluck (Brillian will bring the ham, but y’all need to bring the fixin’s – vegetables, salads, deserts, etc.)  Everyone is invited to come on out for an evening of good food and great fellowship with family and friends.

There are still “slots” left open for the church directory at Flatwoods Christian Church in case you haven’t reserved yours. Just call the church’s number and Brother Tim will fix you up with a time.

This Sunday, April 21, there will be a meeting of the Flatwoods Cemetery Association, Inc., beginning at 2 p.m. in the shelter of Flatwoods Christian Church (weather permitting) or inside the fellowship hall if the weather doesn’t cooperate for an outside meeting.

Don’t forget to begin the application process for your pre-schooler. Call Waco Elementary School to begin the process out this way.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Morgan Campbell, Andy Dunn and Charles Rupard, April 26; Aaron McDonald, April 29; and Larry Shannon Carl up northern Kentucky way (someone will send him the paper, I’m sure) on April 30!

Happy anniversary wishes go out to Tony and Tina Fox, April 16.

Have a great week and watch out for those thunderboomers predicted earlier this week!