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June 21, 2013

The busy person’s six-week guide to losing fat

RICHMOND — “There’s just no time to get in shape.”

If you’ve uttered these words more than once, chances are you’re feeling trapped and feeling the effects of a physically inactive lifestyle and no time to do anything about it.

You’ve packed on the pounds, your cholesterol and blood pressure have sky-rocketed, and you’re feeling lethargic.

Yet, despite your desire to get back in shape, with a wife and kids, a growing business, and aging parents to care for, where are you going to find the time to exercise?

All is not lost, however.

What you need is a simple, progressive plan to lose body fat. Not the kind that requires an hour or more a day, but one that is convenient, easy to do with a minimum of space and equipment and effective.

There are two considerations that must be addressed before you begin. The first is something you don’t need. And the second is something you do.

What you don’t need is the attitude that to get back in shape, you have to go at it hard and long.

Many mid-lifers have the idea that to get fit, they need to do what they did in high school. Long hours in the weight room, exhausting intervals on the track and the like. Forget that approach. It will result in injury or drop out, or both.

What you do need is a commitment to yourself to make your health and fitness a priority.

Busy guys everywhere are managing hectic lives while also managing their fitness.

It can be done. Here’s how.

Follow this six week plan and you’ll find yourself impressed with the results and wanting more.

Week One:

• 2 x 30 minute walks – outdoors with the family

• 2 x 30 minute resistance workouts – at home using body weight. Push-ups, crunches, pull-ups, lunges, planks, etc.

• 2 x 15 minute brisk walks outside or on a treadmill

• Adopt one new nutritional habit. For example, substitute fish for red meat, twice a week.

So instead of six to seven hours of exercise a week, plus travel time to the gym, we’ve started with two and a half hours, all of which can be done at home, if you want.

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