The Richmond Register

June 27, 2013


By Carol Prewitt
Register Columnist

NEWBY — He was building a house for his family and decided to cover the outside with rock in the late 1950s or ’60s.

Rock was gathered from Silver Creek and hauled to the sight. He brought a hose to add water to the mortar.

Now all he needed was a nozzle and he was ready.

He remembered having one of those simple brass ones that he had thrown into a junk drawer. 

He brought it out, hooked it up and turned on the water. Nothing came out.

He took it off and looked into it and saw nothing but green. The brass had corroded, so he found a nail and attempted to clean it out.

When it would go no farther, he took a hammer and tapped the nail. There was a large boom!

Stunned, he was left standing with a bloody face and hands. A piece of his nose was missing.

His son looked around trying to figure out how this had happened.

Under the edge of the car he saw the nail. It was stuck in a .22 bullet. Seems the nozzle was in the same drawer as a box of bullets

The man was taken to Patty A. Clay Hospital to be checked out. He tried to explain what had happened, but he wasn’t taken seriously until he pulled the bullet and nail out of his pocket.

Word spread quickly through the hospital and many doctors and nurses just had to come and witness the man who’d been shot by a water hose.

Friends and family will gather at a reception for Ruby Sallee Long on Saturday at McCready Manor to celebrate her 90th birthday. I plan to be there. Ruby is my husband’s cousin and a very special lady to me.

Audrey Deaton is recovering in the hospital after emergency knee surgery on Sunday. We all want to wish her a speedy recovery.

On April 30,1903, John and Amelia Stapp deeded one lot on Maple Grove Road (now Newby Road) to a handful of people for the purpose of  establishing a “union church.” The deed states it was because “of the love for the House and the teaching of our Master.”

Work began immediately, and in June of that year, the first service was took place.

Now, 110 years later, the Newby Church has come back to life. Four years ago another small group of people put their love and sweat into re-opening it after almost 14 years of the doors being closed.

It’s a sweet, spirit-filled, little country church. Please stop by and visit sometime. You’ll be made to feel right at home.           

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