The Richmond Register

December 12, 2013

Snow and cancellations allow us to slow down

By Katie Rollins
Register Columnist


Oh! What a great morning this Tuesday, Dec. 10, with a light snow falling and the sun is trying to shine. Isn’t life just wonderful!

I , like many others, love to watch the snow as it softly falls, and I do realize that some of you may say, “Well, I don’t like to travel in this nasty weather.”

I wonder; do we always have to go somewhere? And if we really do have to travel, can we not start early and take some time to be extra careful?

I intend to make that a resolution. I only pray that I can keep it ,and with God’s help I know I can.

This world and the people in it are far too rushed with everything that goes on in our lives. But then, don’t we make it that way. Right this morning, there are some who really cannot go anywhere. But just sitting here and watching the snow fall on Paint Lick Creek. Now that’s a memory!

Most church services were cancelled due the mini ice storm on Sunday. It gave us all a time to stay in and stay warm and go slow with the day. I did miss seeing Ted and Barbara and all the people from church. Hello to Rev. Jim Cox of Richmond. I pray you are doing well. We think of you often.

 This past Saturday, Dec. 7, we here at Friends celebrated our 25th year with Christmas in The Village. It was the most relaxing morning, I think, of all the times before.

I was so very proud of the youngsters who came to do crafts with Ms. Delta Lamb and her helpers. Then, they sat on the floor of the big room downstairs and listened quite intently as Pastor Bobby Stinnett read the Christmas Story with all the eyes on him as he asked questions. And those children actually responded.

Thank you, Bobby from Paint Lick United Methodist Church.

We were pleased to have Santa and Mrs. Claus in the area, and the children did their thing as they received a toy and a treat bag.

Everything was amazing, and we here at Friends say “thank you” to all of you who helped with the cleaning up and those big strapping, young, men, Shawn and Greg. Well, they did a great job with the heavy stuff.

It would not be possible to make people happy without the help of so many others. And I might say this includes all the ladies who put in their time here at The Friends of Paint Lick. Thank You.

 A very special happy birthday to my friend Janine Garlic of Lancaster this coming Sunday Dec. 15. I love you lady, from Katie. Be good!

Also, happy birthday to Carol Rhodus of Caleb Lane, Terry Shell of Lancaster, and to our friend here at Friends, Ramey Taylor, all on Sunday, Dec. 15.

Ramey, I might add, needs to slow down also and maybe give us a call sometime. A visit would be even better. We miss you and your family in Paint Lick.

May God Bless