The Richmond Register

December 12, 2013

Community invited to celebrate Mary Tate Weitkamp’s 80th Wednesday

By Tim Jones
Register Columnist

UNION CITY — You are invited come to Union City and celebrate Mary Tate Weitkamp’s 80th birthday on Wednesday night, Dec. 18. The party will be 6 p.m. at the Union City Ruritan. They request no gifts. Just bring a picture, card or a smile. Cake and punch will be served.

The icy roads closed many churches last Sunday. The Christian Church here closed but Union City Baptist was open. I hear the attendance was 13. We closed at Flatwoods, so Pat and I went to Madison Hills where their children did a Christmas program. That was a treat!

We hope things get back to normal this weekend. Flatwoods at Waco will have the Chrismon service and dinner this Sunday.

Everyone had a good time at last Saturday’s Ruritan Christmas dinner. Holiday food food was outstanding. Santa gave gifts to children and new officers for 2014 were installed by Brian Franklin.

Happy Birthday this week to Sondra Moberly Hicks, Friday; and Scott Sewell, Saturday. If you have news or announcements let me know at 623-3880 or email