The Richmond Register

February 26, 2014

Taste test Thursday

By Jessa Turner
Berea College Farm Store

BEREA — The sun is shining, but the chill has returned, so I hope you made the most of the warm, sunny weather this weekend.

The spring greens are being as tentative as the warm temperatures, but there is talk of lettuce being harvested and a continued trickle of kale, pea shoots, miner’s lettuce and spinach. To make room for the spring harvests, winter squash and sweet potatoes have been marked down to $1/pound and pumpkins are only 50 cents/pound.

Garlic does best when planted in the fall, but if you missed your chance, it’s not too late to get some in the ground now and we’ve got certified organic garlic ready to planted for just $8/lb. For those of you that are antsy to get a jumpstart on your gardens but don’t have a good place to start your seeds, the first plant sale of the season is March 15. We’ll send out more details as that approaches.

Also on March 15 is the second installment of our Break it Down series, which I wrote about last week. Remember that space is limited, so call or stop by the store during business hours to register and pay. If you missed last week’s announcement, this session will focus on goat butchering and is only $35 for the class.

In other meat news, the Farm-to-Table class has been developing four  turkey andouille recipes and we want your feedback! Beginning at 3 p.m. Thursday, students will be leading a taste test of their products and taking a survey to learn which one(s) you like the best!

Another great reason to come in on Thursday is that it is your last chance to take advantage of the  percent “check-in” discount. It’s simple: bring your smart phone or other device, show the cashier your Facebook check-in at the Farm Store, get 5 percent off your total order!

To close out this edition of the newsletter, we’ll introduce you to our featured product of the week: Allman’s Beer Cheese ( Many of you already know we carry this as it’s been flying off the shelves since we opened, but you might not know that this Madison County product has been a family tradition for more than seven decades.

This “snappy cheese” was traditionally served with celery, saltine crackers and radishes as a complementary appetizer at Grandpa Allman’s restaurant, but I just got a sudden craving to add the hot version to some homemade macaroni and cheese! For the pork fanatics, you could even sprinkle this with some crispy Berea College bacon and you’ll soon be everyone’s best friend.

The Berea Farmers Market ( has moved inside for the winter. Find your other favorite vendors in the Pavilion of the Goldthwait Agriculture Building (230 N. Main), Tuesday 3 to 6 p.m.

Berea College Farm products are also available at the Berea College Bookstore on the town square, 108 Main St.

For details, visit or Facebook, bereacollegefarm.