The Richmond Register

February 18, 2014

I’m proud to be a Kentuckian

By Dick Ham
Register Columnist

RICHMOND — I was just thinking the other day about how much I love Kentucky and how proud I am to be a Kentuckian.

I was born in Kentucky, graduated from high school, college and graduate school in Kentucky.

I married a Kentucky girl in her hometown of Owensboro, and we have two daughters, both born in Kentucky.

Nancie and I lived in Arkansas for two years and Tennessee for 16 years. For the other 39 years of our marriage, we’ve lived in Kentucky. We’ve lived in Richmond for 30 years. That is the longest time we’ve lived in one place.

I honestly believe Kentuckians are the finest people you can find anywhere. Not perfect, but good, kind and ready to assist when tragedies occur.

My grandfather Alexander was a western Kentucky country preacher. He spent his entire life in Edmondson and Grayson counties in western Kentucky.

He insisted that anyone who lived in Kentucky was a hillbilly. You didn’t necessarily have to live in the mountains to carry that designation. He used the term hillbilly as a matter of pride in much the same way as a lot of folk today use redneck.

The following are things he had written in a notebook, and one of his daughters came across it and shared it with me. I thought my readers would enjoy it.

You Know You’re from Kentucky

If you can spit tobacco and talk at the same time

If your idea of a family outing is to go the grocery store on Saturday

If the trim on your car is duct tape

If you answer the question “Whacha been doin’?” with, “Aw nuthin’ much.”

If the bathroom is located 75 feet behind the house

If you go to yard sales to decorate your house

If you think Deer Crossing signs are directions to the best hunting area

If you consider a saw and a washboard to be musical instruments

If your folks sell used tires and concrete statues in the front yard

If your black velvet paintings are considered your art collection

If your idea of a gourmet meal is soup beans and corn bread

If your sister is also your cousin and your aunt too

If you have more than two cars in your yard on concrete blocks

If your idea of 4th of July fireworks is a shotgun and a box of shells.

I sincerely hope all my readers accept this as “tongue-in-cheek” and can smile with me after reading it.


The Comedy Team that has made more movies than any other is, “The Three Stooges.”


How many months have 28 days?


Hilbilly Grammar – Singular: y’all  Plural: all y’all

Plural possessive: all y’all’s

Present tense: I eat; Past tense: I already et. Future tense: I’m fixin’ to eat.