The Richmond Register

January 24, 2014

Local band turns heartbreak, rivalry into success

By Sam Alford
Register Correspondent

RICHMOND — Many people know what it feels like to be invested in something or someone just to see the investment slip away.

Many have had a significant other who they cared about, but the relationship just didn’t work out for some reason.

However, few people have managed to turn these moments of heartbreak into success the Way Zac Shoopman has.

Shoopman said the task has not been easy, but he has managed to transfer heartbreak into a music career.

A former Eastern Kentucky University student, Shoopman has made let downs his future come ups, with songs like:

• “Sincerely Sin City,” which is inspired by a relationship that didn’t work out and an ex-girlfriend who now living in Las Vegas, and “Bittersweet,” inspired by another failed relationship.

Anyone 21 or older can hear Shoopman’s heartbreak live at the Copper Still on Water Street tomorrow starting at 10 p.m.

Shoopman said he has played around central Kentucky, doing solo gigs at J.D. Legends and Squires Tavern in Lexington. He and his new partner, Travis Brown, played at Madison Gardens on Dec. 25, and they say they are excited for their upcoming gig in Richmond.

After the two united to play, they began calling themselves Foxhaven, inspired by the street where the two roommates live. Travis plays the drums while Zac writes the music, sings and plays guitar creating a rock sound.

“It’s a classic sound with a modern twist,” Shoopman said. “Some might even say it sounds like indie rock.”

While the two have only been playing music with one another since mid-December, their history goes back much further.

Shoopman and Travis Brown grew up in McCreary County, where both attended McCreary Central High School. The two didn’t play together then, in fact, they were rivals. Both would always play with different bands, hoping to win the talent show each year, they said.

Travis would play the guitar in his brother’s band, and Zac would usually grab a group of friends who would play together long enough to compete and then call it quits. Freshman year was the first time Shoopman ever sang on stage.

While both are familiar with the drums and guitar, the two now have settled into their better roles. Shoopman said going from rival to creating their own band with Brown was all due to chemistry. Chemistry class, that is.

Shoopman’s partner had switched classes leaving him partnerless in the lab. Soon enough, the same thing happened to Travis, leaving the teacher with the clear cut option of putting the two rivals together. From that point, they became friends.

Later, the two became roommates in college and then became Foxhaven.

Both artist have roots in music, as both of their fathers played in bands. Shoopman said he had been playing drums since he was 4. He said his father used to play bass.

Eventually, Shoopman discovered he liked the guitar more, and song writing became his passion at age 15.

Shoopman said Foxhaven is looking to add more talent to their group, possibly his cousin, who is a bass player. Travis is starting to write music also, and soon, this collaboration could be found not only on stage, but in the music you hear.

Foxhaven’s work is posted on their Facebook page.

“We are always looking for new opportunity to showcase our talent and the Facebook page is also a great way to contact us with gigs if you are a business owner,” Shoopman said.

Sample art can also be found on the Foxhaven Facebook page. When asked what he wanted the audience to know most about Foxhaven, Shoopman smiled.

“Come out to the show,” he said.