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July 24, 2013

Love that salsa

RICHMOND — I got my first tomato this week. I was so delighted to see one. After all the rain we have had this past couple of weeks, I just knew my tomato plants would drown in all that rain. But one lonely one came through. It hatched despite the wet weather.

Lots of my blooms on the rest of my plants have fallen off, however. There seems to be a large variety of tomatoes available now in the grocery markets. I have even observed some yellow ones. I just can't seem to get used to a yellow tomato but lots of people do like them.

I have sent you a couple of my favorite tomato recipes that I hope you get to fix despite all our wet weather.



2 cups seeded, chopped tomatoes. I like to use the Roma type

1/4 cup finely chopped onion

1 (4 oz) can diced green chilies, drained (save the liquid)

1 tbsp fresh lime juice


Mix ingredients. Add small amount of the reserved liquid until of desired consistency.

This is a great dip for chips. Two tablespoons has only 5 calories, no fat, 1 gram of carbs. The chips that one uses really adds the calories. One great chip to try is Pieta chips. They are much lower in fat if you read the label and find the ones that are.

You know I do not think I will ever learn to read the labels on some things till I make “dumb” mistakes. Take my laundry. I went and purchased three drums of Tide soap (5-gallon buckets each), liquid dishwashing soap and fabric softener. I found all of this with the advice of a friend at Exit 45 at the truck stop.

So I have been really enjoying the fact I do not have to go to the store each time I need these items as I have so much on hand. But I could not figure out how come some of my clothes caused me to smell like dishwashing soap. I misread the labels and have been using it as the softener in my washing machine. “Read the label Mabel” is what I have always been told by my grandmother.



1 cup drained pineapple tidbits, coarsely chopped, drained

1/2 cup seeded, chopped Roma tomatoes

2 tbsp cilantro chopped

1-2 tsp finely chopped fresh jalapeno pepper – be sure and wash your hands when you are finished with this product or the oils from this pepper will give you the worst eye burn. Take it from one that knows!


Stir ingredients together. Cover tightly and refrigerate.



6-8 medium fresh tomatillos, husked, stemmed and chopped

2 medium jalapeno peppers, seeded, finely chopped

3 tbsp. finely chopped red onion

1/4 cup chopped cilantro


Stir ingredients together. Cover and refrigerate four hours before serving.

As you can tell these recipes are quite simple. You can grow cilantro in a small pot indoors. Just keep cutting it back from time to time.

Speaking of cutting, I have to leave you and go trim marshmallow cream out of my dog’s hair. I thought I had put the empty jar in the garbage, but this dog of mine is a tracker and he somehow got into the trash and got into the empty jar of marshmallow cream. He looks like he has been having a foaming fit because of all the marshmallow cream all over this head.

Between the dish soap being put in my washing and this dog with the marshmallow cream head, I have had a great week. I hope you have had the same and enjoy our dry weather.

Arritta Morris is a graduate of EKU with a degree in nutrition and a master’s degree in counseling. She is a Certified Food Service Specialist with the School and Nutrition Association.


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