The Richmond Register

November 26, 2013

Difficult ordeal made easier by caring friends

By Dick Ham
Register Columnist

RICHMOND — I was just thinking the other day about a number of things related to my broken hip and that were happy experiences rather than difficult ones.

I wish I had had presence of mind enough to think about providing a register book for visitors to sign. Now that I think back, there is no way I could even come close to remembering everyone who came to see me.

I am amazed at the number who came every day. As I think back, there were those whom I knew would come, and there were those who came that I would not have expected. There are those who continue to come to the house and those visits are delightful.

One thing that is surprising are those who came numerous times. I have one dear friend who came at least four times and three of those times she brought me a can of cashews.

I have neighbors who live across the street who assisted us in a number of ways. One thing they did was to bring our newspaper and leave it on our front step every day. We must cross our busy road to get the paper and I’m not permitted to leave the house. Nancie is a late sleeper and I get very anxious to see the paper before she gets up.

Those friends were at Telford to visit one day, and I felt as if I had been guilty of rushing them out. I had Nancie call them to apologize. I am one of the most rabid Kentucky Wildcat fans in the world. Those friends are Tennessee fans. She told Nancie to tell me if I did that again, they would paint my mailbox orange. Jim and Phyllis, I thanks you from my heart.

I was reminded over and over what wonderful neighbors I have. They assisted us in so many ways, usually without our asking them for assistance. On the day I arrived at home for the first time, I discovered my dear friend Duane Parsons had prepared a pot of homemade chili, and there it was waiting for me. Boy! Was it ever good. It certainly was not like hospital food.

Gary Broadus is a next door neighbor who seems to appear when he is needed. He continues to help us.

Diana Ackerman appeared at our door one day with a brunch that was wonderful. It included a casserole, banana bread, etc. This lady is one-in-a-million.

As I said before, I would not even attempt to estimate the number of visitors I had and continue to have. I am likely to be confined to my home for another month or more so I hope that will continue.

I have received 146 cards of various kinds. “Get well,” “Remembering you,” “Praying for you,” and some that are actually naughty.

The best thing about all this is being assured that I am loved. It’s hard to improve on that emotion.

Thanks to all my family, friends, readers, etc. I promise this is the last time I’ll bore you with this subject.

From now on, look for Just Thinking in it’s normal format, always ending with trivia and a thought for the day.